Prohibition:Tales of The Jazz Age

Saturday 12th March
IMMA, The Royal Hospital Kilmainham

Inside Dublin’s majestic IMMA, the 1920s is in full swing. Dresses shimmer and sparkle, top hats are tipped, tassles shake and the dance floor is in a Charleston frenzy.Cole Porter is singing, “let's be outrageous, let's misbehave”. The air is wild with jazz fever, the morals are loose,the bath-tub gin goes down nice and easy and flappers and fellas are having the kind of night people tell stories about. Welcome to Prohibition: Tales of The Jazz Age, the cat’s meow of Dublin parties.

This 12 March experience one of the biggest 1920s parties in Europe. Our hopping joint is full of fast-talking fellas and fantastic flappers experiencing Prohibition from around the world. We’ll have Berlin-style cabaret, Parisian-style showgirls and The Film Fatale Follies, the sweetest dancing dames since the days of Gatsby and 1920s glamour.

Set your feet afire in the grand hall to live ragtime music and old-meets-new twenties fusion. Dance-your-spats off and shake your tassles to our electro-swing and vintage DJs. Quench your thirst at our juice joints, serving up Prohibition-era punch cocktails. While down in the cellar, you’ll find gangsters betting their last dime at our gambling tables.

So fix your feather headpiece. And pop those braces. This is strictly a 1920s/1930s event — the moll at the door won’t let you in if you ain’t dressed in vintage style. So what’s your story going to be? Will you be a flapper, a philospher? a silent movie star? a gangster? will you drink too much bubbles and dance on the tables? win big on the gambling tables? fall in love with a Parisian Show Girl and be married by the morning? You’ll have some stories to tell after a night at Prohibition, the cat’s meow of Dublin parties.

 Tickets €31
Doors 8pm
The Royal Hospital Kilmainham
Military Road
Dublin 8